PicaGeoTag, although completely free, contains no third-party software1 Spyware, Adware2 … and does not collect any personal data.

Sites may offer to download PicaGeoTag from their site or by using their own tools. By doing this you may download at the same time elements that have nothing to do with PicaGeoTag (like toolbars3). To avoid such problems, download PicaGeoTag from this site, and check your file using the SH1 checksum listed on the download page.

1 A Spyware is a software that attempts to collect personal informations or track your activities.

2 An Adware is a software that can display boring pop-up on your computer.

3 A toolbar is often proposed during the installation of free software. The toolbar records the sites that you visit in order to target advertisements.

These types of software may cause problems on your computer and compromise your privacy.