Current version : 1.8.3

All windows versions:
Download 64 bits version
Download 32 bits version
Choose above the version corresponding to your system. When in doubt look here.

Note: In case of error "msvcr100.dll missing" see troubleshouting.

Warning: The 32-bit version is no longer supported and remains in V1.8.1

PicaGeoTag is a self-signed application and therefore not recognized by Windows 10. When trying to install the program, you may receive the following warning message: “Windows protected your PC.” We can assure you that PicaGeoTag is free of viruses and does not represent a risk to your computer. To continue the installation, click on “More Info”, then click on the “Run anyway” button that appears.


Installation procedure

Version History

Check your download

Please note that is the only official place to download PicaGeoTag. If you download it from another website, we highly recommend that you verify your download against the SHA1 checksums below:

PicaGeoTag 64 bits3e4363e4574bd09a65edd73bd46b9a848077451c
PicaGeoTag 32 bitsb46baef1aacf3341fd41dec05f9b5a2a186b2a0a