System Configuration

PicaGeoTag does not require specially powerful machines. However, it is advisable to use relatively new machines, preferably 64-bit machines.


Download and run the installer.

The file does not contain any digital signature, but is guaranteed without spyware, adware or other malware !


MSVCR100.dll missing

This problem arises because you do not have the Visual C ++ Redistributable package for Visual Studio on your machine.

To install it, simply go to to download the package for free (Choose vc_redist.x64 for 64-bit Windows and vc_redist.x86 For 32-bit Windows).

It may sometimes be necessary to also install the security update for the MFC component of the Microsoft Visual C ++ 2010 Service Pack 1 redistributable package. It can be downloaded for free at (Choose vcredist_x64 for 64-bit Windows and vcredist_x86 for Windows 32-bit. Vcredist_ia64 is for Itanium-based servers).


PicaGeoTag can be uninstall from the Windows Control Panel. A uninstaller can also be found in the installation directory.
After uninstallation, it may remain a .picaGeoTag directory in the user’s home. It can be delete without any problem.